Hellenic Fashion Industry Association (SEPEE) is the main representative of the apparel and textile industry in Greece.

It was founded in 1973 as a non - profit organization. Headquartered in Thessaloniki, with a branch office in Athens.

SEPEE is the largest apparel manufacturers association in Greece and its members are apparel manufacturers, textile manufacturers as well as other apparel associations.

Our Association provides a wide range of services to its membership including inter alia lobbying through national and international organizations, collecting and disseminating information related to the apparel chain and organizing fairs, shows, and trade missions abroad.

SEPEE actively participates in Euratex (European Apparel & Textile Association) and in the IAF (International Apparel Federation).

We also have an extensive experience in the management of a significant member of apparel related EU research, training, social, environmental etc EU programs.


SEPEE is the principal apparel association in Greece with the largest membership. Today its active members are approximately 300 greek clothing and textile companies, including all major companies of the sector.


The administration of SEPEE consists of a thirteen member board of directors and a five member managing committee. The board of directors is elected every three years.

The administrative and technical staff of SEPEE is responsible to implement the decisions taken by the board of directors and the managing committee.


SEPEE provides a wide range of services to its members such as:

- Promotion of its members interests in national and international organizations and governing bodies.

- Collection and dissemination of information.

- Development of infra-structure for the sector such as:
   * Training center for the apparel and textiles companies (www.endysi.gr).
   * The Greek Somatometric Institute (www.bodymetrics.gr).
   * Technology & Design Center S.A. - ELKEDE (www.elkede.gr).

- Representation of the sector at European (Euratex) and International (I.A.F.) organizations and governing bodies.

- Participation in E.U. projects beneficial to its members (long experienced in european projects such as: Leonardo, Adapt, Retex, Interreg, EDI, IST, EUMEDIS, LIFE, ARTICLE 6, INTERREG III, MED, FP7 etc).

- Organization of fairs, shows, and commercial envoys in Greece and abroad.

- Development of integrated marketing plans.

- Representation of international fashion exhibitions in Greece.

- Organization of educational and training seminars for its members.

- Publications such as:
    * The "GreekFashion Magazine".
    * The guide of Apparel Manufacturers of Greece.
    * Studies and research in Greece and abroad.
    * Statistical data of the sector.
    * Development of data banks.
    * Administration and maintenance of this website.
    * Facilitation of contacts between members and foreign buyers.


Head office:
Hellenic Fashion Industry Association (SEPEE)
18a Ermou str.
GR-54624, Thessaloniki
Tel: 0030 2310 257 075, Fax: 257 076
email: info@greekfashion.gr

Athens branch office:
Hellenic Clothing Industry Association (HCIA)
51 Ermou str.
GR-10563, Athens
Tel: 0030 210 32 23 979, Fax: 32 39 159
email: info@skee.gr